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Research Facility Announces Breakthrough Technologies for Lyme Disease Using Whole Body Hyperthermia Therapy

Research Facility Announces Breakthrough Technologies for Lyme Disease Using Whole entire body Hyperthermia Therapy

Where others fail, Functional Alternative Research (FAR) Clinic orchestrates a symphony of cutting-edge modalities, including Body Hydro-Hyperthermia Therapy to combat Lyme disease.

From the<a href="">Functional Alternative Research (FAR) Clinic</a>

SALT LAKE CITY, September 12, 2016 - Scientific research at "FAR Clinic", in Bountiful, Utah, is led by prominent Lyme disease physician, Dr. Brett J. Earl, MD (LLMD). Dr. Earl with his fantastic team are suffering from cutting edge proprietary technologies, including upgraded hyperthermia therapy, in conjunction with other high-tech modalities following numerous years of extensive research and they are now involved in diagnosing the delimas and symptoms along with determining optimum therapies for Lyme disease patients who arrive at the FAR Clinic from nationally, even the world.

Lyme disease

Hyperthermia Therapy: An Effective Answer to Lyme Disease   
Photo - Brett J Earl, MD performing hyperthermia therapy with a patient.

Lyme disease is the most common of all of the tick-borne diseases, and is also caused normally with the Borrelia Burgdorferi bacterium. People may often contract Lyme when you're bitten by deer ticks, best known and blacklegged ticks. It can also be transmitted by sexual contact and through the mom to her unborn child. Recent reports claim that Lyme is surely an infectious ailment that may also be transmitted by other means also.

On the FAR Clinic, medical professionals operate to formulate new and improved strategies to fighting Lyme disease.
One of many difficulties with Lyme disease is the fact that it is a chameleon disease, like lupus-its symptoms might be mistaken for that regarding over 300 other maladies. This to be the case, Lyme disease is clearly the most under-diagnosed and mistreated diseases today. The middle for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that more than 300,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme disease each year, when in reality, most professionals believe the actual amount of new patients suffering with it annually could be even much higher. In round figures, the telephone number identified as having Lyme is 1.More the number of ladies who are identified as having breast cancer annually, and 6 times the volume of new HIV/AIDS cases each year, and almost infinitely over people diagnosed with the Zika virus.
In fact it is spreading. Although most all cases are nevertheless diagnosed inside the Northeast and Pacific coast, the blacklegged (deer) tick has been seen by 50 % from the counties in 43 US states. That's a boost of nearly 150% since 1998, as outlined by a CDC study.
The commonest symptoms of Lyme disease are:
- Chronic Fatigue
- Unexplained muscle pain
- Head and/or neck aches and stiffness (i.e. Bell's palsy)
- Paralysis of the face, or one or maybe more extremities (arm or leg)
- Joint pain, specifically in one to another joint (i.e. variable)
- Brain Fog (confusion, lack of clarity or focus, temporary forgetfulness, etc.)
- Neurological issues (numbness, weakness, seizures, visual problems, fainting, dizziness, etc.)
- Emotional issues like depression, anxiety, grumpiness, swift changes in moods, etc.
- Heart pain and/or palpitations (Lyme carditis)
- A bull's eye rash (redness resembling a bull's eye which has a solid center as well as an outer ring)
When caught and diagnosed early, Lyme disease might be successfully given antibiotics. However, due to difficulty in diagnosing the condition, it often reaches chronic stage before it is nailed down. Once you do, it's hard for stopping, and it will be a question of controlling rather than curing since the Lyme spirochete is good at developing a biofilm (protein) shell to protect itself from the body's disease fighting capability and antibiotics.
Hope is beingshown to people there, though, as well as name is hyperthermia therapy.
"I happen to be suffering from Lyme Disease and a many other conditions more than five years. We have spent over $30,000 in search of treatments that would make a difference and get my well being back. Although a few from the treatments helped, I became still not 100% and never capable of working full time. Choosing the FAR Clinic would be a dream becoming reality, I'm so grateful for their services and sincere desire to help every person recuperate." --Rikki, Washington
Whole Body Hyperthermia Therapy
Hyperthermia therapy as a means of fighting disease and infections can be as old because the humanity. It's the oldest and most natural kind of fighting illness. We also refer to it as throwing up. As Dr. Brett Earl, MD, medical director with the FAR Clinic near Salt Lake City, Utah explains, "One in the basic ways the body fights disease naturally is usually to increase its core temperature by way of a fever. When the body's intelligence senses cellular danger or imposition it is going to war with an inflammatory response which sends healing cells like cytokines to the involved area or through the entire system; causing heat, redness and inflammation for an area (similar to the truth of your sliver) or fever, body aches, chills, etc. (in the case of the herpes virus). This can be a perfect means of knowing bodies are doing its job and we're on the way to wellness."
Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used heat to cure various illnesses, one too being cancer.
Today, hyperthermia therapy has developed into a trusted alternative treatment for cancers, for the reason that higher core body temperatures inhibit tumor growth and kill cancer cells, and also Lyme spirochetes.
To make whole body hyperthermia, the medical team at the FAR Clinic places the sufferer within a modified wet suit, with hoses from the feet, and exits inside the shoulders. Trouble is ignored one's body, together with the temperature gradually increasing until the desired core the body's temperature of the patient is achieved.
Hyperthermia and Lyme disease
To fight Lyme disease, the main comes to with all the body's natural reaction to infection. Raising your bodys core temperature allows the body's natural defense systems to begin working, and eliminate the bacteria which cause Lyme Disease-Borelli Burgdorferi-for example. A whole entire body fever helps kill off those bacteria. Borrelia bacteria set out to die off at a temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit, 40.555 degrees Celsius, while doing no problems for the conventional cells in your body.
With heated water running over our bodies in an enclosed environment (wet suit), your body's core temperature is slowly raised to the optimum temperature even though the temperature in the cells raises even higher due to chemical reactions as well as other factors. As the main temperature rises, your bodys natural illness fighting mechanism-fever-kicks into high gear, killing off the Lyme spirochetes. You obtain the best of all possible: Modern technology to further improve the most natural method of combating illness and infection.
How Safe is Hyperthermmia?
New people are given a thorough physical examination, a litany of tests, pulmonary and heart function analysis, blood work, etc., before you begin almost any body hyperthermia therapy on the clinic. During the procedure, the top is definitely free, and kept cooler. Additionally, trained and skilled medical personnel you will always find in immediate attendance with all the patient while vital signs as well as other indicators are continually being monitored and observed.
"As Lymies know, we experience something many people are not able to grasp. Being received by the FAR Clinic felt like meeting with family, which I had not felt at other clinics-it's therapeutic. Over time I began to see massive results neurologically, physically plus alternative methods. When my pops saw me for the first time since starting treatment, he soon started to jump. I've not witnessed him cry before, which shows how this condition and my results can break up walls modify relationships. I have come across more adjustments to 3 weeks here in comparison to the final ten years combined. Sunshine has entered my entire life again."-Carly Davis, Professional Snowmobiler

The FAR Clinic
425 S Medical Drive Ste. 107
Bountiful, Utah 84010
(385) 366-7777

SOURCE Functional Alternative Research (FAR) Clinic

Lyme disease

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